Ceremony completion of early childhood education

Congratulations to Paeng, Spy, Wave, Note Kawinphop, Note A-non, Benz, Net, and Mio, on their completion of early childhood education at Sotpattana School for the Deaf at the end of the academic year 2014. Rev. Michael Weera Phangrak, Ed.D., the School’s Acting Licensee, hands each of the 8 graduates the school-leaving certificate in the formal ceremony held on Friday, 6th March 2015 at the auditorium of the Pattaya Orphanage. He also hopes everyone realizes the significance of education and continues to support the children. The graduates express their inner feelings and thanks to all for being part of their success. Their junior well-wishers also perform lovely dances on the stage.. Wishing you all happiness and progress in life..

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