Monthly Archives: January 2015

The 3rd “I Love Reading”

..The 3rd “I Love Reading” Activity for this academic year was organised by Sotpattana School for the Deaf on the 21st January 2015.. Student groups went through the three learning stations and were helped to realize the significance of reading. It was hoped that our keen-to-learn kids would enjoy broadening their views and making reading a life-long habit..

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Learning about ASEAN

Learning about ASEAN: Sotpattana School for the Deaf held a special activity on 14th January 2015 to encourage the students to learn more about members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.. The teachers dressed in different national costumes, taught the kids about each country’s greeting, and organised quizzes about the national flowers and animals. It was a fun-filled day with activities that promoted good understanding among the peoples.

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National Children’s Day 2015

For the National Children’s Day 2015, all of us in Thailand are reminded by the Prime Minister’s motto: “With knowledge and morality comes a brighter future.” Fifty pre-school kids at Sotpattana School for the Deaf and Pattaya Orphanage enjoyed a fun-filled day while being encouraged to realise their own significance and need to prepare themselves to become the future strength of the country. Towards the end of the special programme, the family of alumni Modtanoi kindly provided all the young participants with lovely snacks and toys.. Grateful thanks to all concerned..

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