Monthly Archives: December 2014

“I Love Reading”

Reading is useful in upgrading children’s perception, cognitive awareness, development, responsiveness and imagination, so the Deaf School holds the “I Love Reading” Programme today for the second time this academic year. Once again, the students enjoy taking part in the four stations spread out in the big outdoor classroom. It’s fun to learn together and the teachers hope to encourage the kids to spend their leisure time usefully.

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Learning about Transportation

Learning about Transportation: Students of Sotpattana School for the Deaf were studying about “transportation” this week, so the teachers took them out on a trip. They traveled by 6-wheel vehicle to board the train at Pattaya Station and upon reaching Plutaluang Train Station in Sattahip, the group changed to the truck to Sattahip Naval Base. It was a very educational journey highlighted by the party’s visit to HTMS Chakri Naruebet – Thailand’s first and only aircraft carrier, and concluded with their time at the Sea Turtle Conservation Center. Back at the school, students who missed the trip enjoyed the exciting sharing of those who learned a lot from this excursion.

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