Monthly Archives: November 2014

Trip to the Pattaya Sheep Farm

What a lovely day for the deaf children to be on a study trip to the Pattaya Sheep Farm! For the first time, the pre-school kids visit this beautiful place while the weather is very nice indeed. They have learned in class signs about animals and it’s good to use them and touch these creatures with their own hands. Thanks to sponsors from the Rotary Club Phoenix Pattaya, led by Mr. Siegfried Borchert, for supporting the trip.. May you and yours enjoy abundant blessings..

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Join party at the Regent’s boarding house

Invited by Mr. Dean Barrick of the Regent’s International School Pattaya, a group of deaf kids, along with their teachers, led by Principal Angkana Kamnerdtone, participated in the party organized at the Regent’s boarding house. Thank you so much for the transportation, lovely barbecued foods, soft toys, and the marvelous fireworks. May Khun Dean and all concerned at the Regent’s International School Pattaya be blessed in abundance..

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